Crystal Exchange America is a crystal broker service.
They are not affiliated with Swarovski AG.

They are Swarovski secondary market specialists that assist collectors in buying and selling pre-owned Swarovski Crystal figurines.
They specialize in retired and limited edition Swarovski Crystal.

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Official Swarovski Web Site:

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Swarovski Rhinoceros (Limited Edition, 2008), Swarovski Eagle (Limited Edition, 1995), Swarovski Wild Horses (Limited Edition, 2001),
Swarovski Bull (Limited Edition, 2004), Swarovski Peacock (Limited Edition, 1998), & Swarovski Elephant (Limited Edition, 2006),

Swarovski Rhinoceros, Limited Edition 2008 Swarovski Eagle, Limited Edition 1995 Swarovski Wild Horses, Limited Edition 2001

Swarovski Bull, Limited Edition 2004 Swarovski Peacock, Limited Edition 1998 Swarovski Elephant, Limited Edition 2006